Green cubes for smoothies

I been juicin, I been juicin…. Oh Beyonce!
when I do green juice in my nutribullet, I take the leftover pulp from straining and make “ice cubes” out of them. It’s as easy as that! Place pulp into ice cube tray, freeze and sort. Sometimes I separate them based on ingredients, although the color will vary from recipe to recipe so I can usually tell. Then I throw them into whatever smoothie I want! These are best when I don’t have fresh kale or spinach for my juice or Smoothies.  Here is a power packed recipe for the morning, or anytime!

Sweet Pineapple goji green
1 tbsp each chia and hemp seeds
3 green cubes
Small handful of fresh kale
1/4 cup fresh white grapefruit juice
1.5 frozen bananas
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
6oz coconut water
1 tbsp goji berries

Protein, fiber, vitamins, iron, all the good stuff. Pow! Good morning!

The cubes can be made with any juice pulp. They are good for adding fiber and bulk to your smoothie. Enjoy! I have a busy weekend coming up, but then two weeks off from work. And no, we aren’t going anywhere! Ha! But I will be sure to throw more good stuff your way!

Toodles ❤



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