Smoky BBQ and Sweet Onion Tempeh Sandwich

I know I’ve come up with some great sammie’s before… but this one might top them all! I think it’s the best one yet. It’s spicy, sweet, smoky, and delicious. Packed with protein, fiber, and freshness, it’s perfect any time of day. Have one for breakfast!

Smoky BBQ and Onion Tempeh Sammie


2 slices of flourless, sprouted wheat bread, toasted (Ezekiel, Trader Joe’s, Alvarado St. Bakery, etc.)

handful of fresh greens of your choice (I had a combo of chopped organic chard and collards)

a big spoonful of dijon caramelized onions (recipe below)

2 slices of smoky grilled tempeh (recipe below also)

a nice smear of your favorite BBQ sauce on the tempeh

Now, eat that sammie! This will help cure any level of hunger. You might just have two though…. add in your own variations! I bet some roasted veggies and Veganaise would be awesome too. Enjoy!

see below for recipes! And get out there and buy your own veganomicon book!

Smoky Grilled Tempeh (very similar to tempeh bacon!)

on my Orgreenics grill pan, I can cook this all year round and still get that grill feel.

(today’s recipes are courtesy of Veganomicon; I doubled the tempeh recipe because I had two packages of tempeh I wanted to cook! I double all the ingredients except the smoke and syrup, I did 1 1/2 of each. Still tasted awesome!)

1 package of organic Tempeh

3/4 cup of organic veggie broth

2 tbsp soy sauce, or Bragg aminos

2 tbsp ACV (apple cider vinegar)

2 tbsp liquid smoke

2 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp pure maple syrup (more if you want a sweeter marinade)

2-3 cloves garlic, crushed

In a medium sized pan, bring enough water to boil, to cover the amount of tempeh you have. Slice into small triangles, or like I did, into “steaks”. Cut each block of tempeh in half, then each square in half- making two rectangles, and then slice the rectangles width wise into thin rectangles. Turn to med-low, and placed tempeh in the boiled water for 10 mins, covered. This softens the tempeh a bit, takes some of the bitterness out, and preps them to take on a good marinade. Make the marinade while the tempeh is cooking.

Whisk all ingredients together well and using tongs, carefully place the tempeh into the marinade. Cover and let sit for 1-2 hours. Turn once during that time to ensure even marinating. This was easy to make during nap time! Corinne slept over 2.5 hrs, so I had ample time to prepare and cook. I marinated for about 1.5 hours. Overnight would probably be even better! You can broil these in the oven, pan fry, or grill. I used my indoor grill pan, for some good “grill marks”. Each side took about 5-7 minutes on med heat. I have an electric stove, so it kind of sucks for cooking (takes long to heat up, uneven temperature and cooking, stove stays crazy hot when you’re done….) On a gas grill, or  an actual outside grill, times would be less. Baste each side with extra marinade while cooking. I basted them one more time with the marinade after I placed them on my serving plate. Becuase… why not!? Serve as a side dish, a main protein, or on a SAMMIE! :p

Sweet Dijon onions

Sandwich candy!

2 tbsp olive oil (I used garlic olive oil)

2 large vidalia onions, quartered and sliced as thin as you can (I actually used regular white onions, and it was still very sweet)

1/4 mirin (could use white wine, I used mirin)

2 tbsp pure maple syrup (I used Trader Joe’s Organic Agave, syrup blend)

1 tsp white balsamic vinegar (could also use red wine vinegar)

1 tsp dijon mustard

pinch of salt

Saute onions in oil until they are soft and honey brown. This is done best over med-low heat. Too high of heat will crisp up some onions, and you want them to stay soft. When they’re ready, add in your whisked ingredients, and cook for another 30 seconds or so. Remove from heat and serve warm! This goes perfectly with the savory/salty/smoky flavors in the tempeh and BBQ sauce for the sammie I made. I would also go well over sauteed greens, rice, grilled veggies, or just by the spoonful. It’s really sweet! Almost like candy. Enjoy! :p

Thanks to Veganomicon for these great recipes, and my own taste buds for the awesome sandwich combination. I hope you enjoy this as much as me! If you’ve got a few hours of free time, this is totally worth the prep. Plus you’ll have plenty leftover for other sammies, meals, and for snacking. It’s all clean, and fresh, and vegan! Always vegan.

Here is the veganomicon Pinterest board! YUMTASTIC

eat clean, and animal friendly!




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