The soul-warming, cure-all soup + a workout!

Yay for soup! and BOO that it’s cold enough here in Connecticut to still “need” it. ugh.

Oh well. This is your go-to, bona fide cure-all soup. I even made it weekly when I was breastfeeding because it was an amazing milk-increasing elixir, that also tasted great. I may have posted this before, but I’m posting again because it’s amazing! It’s chock full of ginger, sweet potatoes, and sweetened with a touch of sugar. You could use stevia, but brown sugar or coconut sugar are best for the flavor. If you’re sick with the stomach flu, sniffles, or any other ailment, and your soul needs a warm-up, this soup is for you. It is of Taiwanese origin, and a favorite recipe that I’ve picked up from my awesome mother-in-law. AND, it’s so easy to make! If you’ve got a crock pot, it’s even easier. Let’s get started.

The soul-warming, cure-all soup 

3-4 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled, and chopped into big chunks

1 meg sized ginger root, sliced and gently crushed (to release extra flavor)

1/3-1/2 cup coconut sugar (substitute with sweetener of your choice. I have used agave syrup before, about 1/4 cup)

filtered water (4-5 cups)

Grab your crock pot, or a big soup pot on your stove. Peel and chop your sweet P’s about this size:

These are Trader Joe’s Organic sweet P’s. Love em’!

Smash and chop your ginger- I chose a med sized guy, and actually didn’t use the extra nub shown in the picture.

Organic ginger! from my local Mrs. Green’s natural market.
sliced and gently smashed. Not too loud! Sleeping baby in the next room!

Add your chopped sweet potatoes, and ginger (again, I’m using a crock pot.)

Haven’t used this guy in a while! Perfect excuse to dust it off 😉


Fill pot with filtered water until potatoes float and are covered.

it’s about 1-inch from the top of the pot. Don’t over fill! It will eventually come to a simmer, and might sizzle over…

Set your crock pot to high, and put time up to 5 1/2 or 6 hours. If you’re one the stove top, low-medium heat is best. Too high of heat will cook some of the nutrients out of the sweet P’s and ginger too quickly. These babies like a slow simmer. Probably about 45-60 minutes stove-top, or more, until potatoes are nice and soft. When using the crock pot, at the 5 hour mark (or before you serve, from the stove-top), add your sugar. Adding in the beginning makes the soup taste different (not sure how), and also doesn’t allow the sweet P’s to cook as well. I always add it in the end, taste and add more if need be. Best to start with 1/4 or 1/3 cup and increase as needed. I’ve never used more than 1/2 cup. The potatoes are sweet as they are, and too much sugar will make it yucky! If you’re not keen on the super-gingery feel, then start with 1/2-3/4 of a ginger root. I love a spicy soup so I go all out and use a big guy! 🙂 Serve hot, and eat frequently. Easy on the stomach, and perfect for any time of day. Thank the Taiwanese folk for this lovely soup! and enjoy!


Eat clean, save green, and stop disease in it’s tracks.


p.s. Here is a butt-busting workout for your thighs! YOWSA! I’m sore!

pretty tough for a 30 minute video! Watch out for the Sidewinder Mt. Climbers + plank raises! *killer* (yeah imagine that fun move….)


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