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The soul-warming, cure-all soup + a workout!

Yay for soup! and BOO that it’s cold enough here in Connecticut to still “need” it. ugh.

Oh well. This is your go-to, bona fide cure-all soup. I even made it weekly when I was breastfeeding because it was an amazing milk-increasing elixir, that also tasted great. I may have posted this before, but I’m posting again because it’s amazing! It’s chock full of ginger, sweet potatoes, and sweetened with a touch of sugar. You could use stevia, but brown sugar or coconut sugar are best for the flavor. If you’re sick with the stomach flu, sniffles, or any other ailment, and your soul needs a warm-up, this soup is for you. It is of Taiwanese origin, and a favorite recipe that I’ve picked up from my awesome mother-in-law. AND, it’s so easy to make! If you’ve got a crock pot, it’s even easier. Let’s get started.

The soul-warming, cure-all soup 

3-4 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled, and chopped into big chunks

1 meg sized ginger root, sliced and gently crushed (to release extra flavor)

1/3-1/2 cup coconut sugar (substitute with sweetener of your choice. I have used agave syrup before, about 1/4 cup)

filtered water (4-5 cups)

Grab your crock pot, or a big soup pot on your stove. Peel and chop your sweet P’s about this size:

These are Trader Joe’s Organic sweet P’s. Love em’!

Smash and chop your ginger- I chose a med sized guy, and actually didn’t use the extra nub shown in the picture.

Organic ginger! from my local Mrs. Green’s natural market.
sliced and gently smashed. Not too loud! Sleeping baby in the next room!

Add your chopped sweet potatoes, and ginger (again, I’m using a crock pot.)

Haven’t used this guy in a while! Perfect excuse to dust it off 😉


Fill pot with filtered water until potatoes float and are covered.

it’s about 1-inch from the top of the pot. Don’t over fill! It will eventually come to a simmer, and might sizzle over…

Set your crock pot to high, and put time up to 5 1/2 or 6 hours. If you’re one the stove top, low-medium heat is best. Too high of heat will cook some of the nutrients out of the sweet P’s and ginger too quickly. These babies like a slow simmer. Probably about 45-60 minutes stove-top, or more, until potatoes are nice and soft. When using the crock pot, at the 5 hour mark (or before you serve, from the stove-top), add your sugar. Adding in the beginning makes the soup taste different (not sure how), and also doesn’t allow the sweet P’s to cook as well. I always add it in the end, taste and add more if need be. Best to start with 1/4 or 1/3 cup and increase as needed. I’ve never used more than 1/2 cup. The potatoes are sweet as they are, and too much sugar will make it yucky! If you’re not keen on the super-gingery feel, then start with 1/2-3/4 of a ginger root. I love a spicy soup so I go all out and use a big guy! 🙂 Serve hot, and eat frequently. Easy on the stomach, and perfect for any time of day. Thank the Taiwanese folk for this lovely soup! and enjoy!


Eat clean, save green, and stop disease in it’s tracks.


p.s. Here is a butt-busting workout for your thighs! YOWSA! I’m sore!

pretty tough for a 30 minute video! Watch out for the Sidewinder Mt. Climbers + plank raises! *killer* (yeah imagine that fun move….)


Key Lime pie cups, and some sweat

I love to eat, and quite frankly, I don’t work out enough.

There! I said it! I’m lazy. I’m waaaaaay better at sitting on my ass then working out. (That’s not true, I’m in pretty decent shape, and I like how my body looks and feels, but I also feel the same about my couch.) I digress.

I like to cook, too. And so far, I’m not half bad.

Tomorrow is my work party. Which basically means most people will bring in junky crappy chemical laden fatty foods laced with animal flesh and mammary secretions of some poor cow(s). Doesn’t that sound awful? (I mean cheese still tastes like sexy sex to me, but it’s plain bad for you. So there’s that.) To me it sounds like drag. drag-ass fatigue, constipation, and totally not-worth-it-caloric-deviance. So my solution was this: make a grain free, low if not-no-sugar, rich-as-hell, (mostly) raw dessert to impress these meat eaters with. Enter: KEY LIME PIE CUPS

yeah. They’re good.

I had some leftover raw, unsweetened coconut shreds, some sweetened toasted coconut chips from TJ’s, rash cashews, raw walnuts, limes, Stevia, dry toasted almonds, and my mini-food processor. I really just used a few different recipes as a guideline, because generally that’s how I roll. I’m not exactly about to post an actual “recipe” per se…. but I’ll get as close as I can. If you want this to work, you’ll have to play around with it, since I didn’t actually measure anything. (I’ve got to get better at that!)


1 med sized bag of raw walnut pieces

1 small container of medjool dates (pitted would be nice, but honestly they’re not as moist, and require soaking.)

3 limes, two zested, all juices

1-1/2 cups of cashews soaked in enough water to cover them (pre-soak for about 30 minutes)

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup coconut shreds

liquid stevia (*mine has a dropper, and I used about two full droppers worth)


In the food processor combine the walnuts and date flesh. Pulse until it begins to clump up. Plop a small amount into a papered cupcake tin, and press in until the sides and bottom are covered, flat,  and without clumps. This made enough for 12 reg sized cupcakes and about 15 mini cupcakes (those will be my ‘bites’ or taste testers!) Put those bad boys in the fridge to chill! Now to prep the filling. In your nutribullet, or vitamix (I have a NB; so-so for this kind of recipe) cream up your cashews. add to food processor with the coconut, almonds, lime juice, zest and stevia. I like it more Lime-y so I used three limes worth. Once it’s well mixed in and smooth, scoop into the cupcake tins. Get them back in the fridge to chill and set.

Both hubby and I enjoyed them very much! They’re rich, sweet, creamy, and nutty. Not bad for my first try at a raw dessert! Hope they like them. If not, oh well. More for us! ha! And surprisingly, they slid out of the cupcake papers quite well. I fully intend on suggesting a spoon or fork for my co-workers tomorrow. Hopefully no one has a seriously nut allergy. I mean we’re all nurses, and/or doctors…. but…. well I guess I’d better make an “allergen” sign. safety first!


Now for some sweat!

We did this workout earlier and it kicked both our asses. (His more so than mine 😉 ) Try it out! It’s quick and dirty. Just how I like it.

eat clean, be green, and happy holidays!

Tabata HIIT cardio and toning

So, this video made me gasp for air like a couch potato. And I’m pretty damn fit! Maybe it was my allergies, but for real, do this. At least twice a week in place of some other boring workout you’re doing. This is good stuff. If you’re like us and you don’t have weights, do a static squat pulse, or squat jump. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Train like a beast, look like a beau-….. nevermind. Just look like your hot self; man or woman. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! fuck gender roles! and all that bizz!


remember “turbo-jam”?


yeaaahhh…… I bought that silly workout thingy a few years ago, and of course hated it. Thought about selling it at our tag sale this summer! I am soooooo uncoordinated! plus what if my neighbors saw me struggling!? how embarrassing…

But now that I’ve done so many different types of exercises, and gotten somewhat more coordinated, I figured, hey. Why not try it again before I sell it?  I don’t hate it. In fact, I got really sweaty last night and my legs are sore. So, how boutcha!? My Tony and I went straight for the 45min-ish “cardio party.” It was fast paced, and hard to keep up so we looked like total asshats for the entire time, but I think it takes a few runs before you start to get used to the movements (and the pure goofiness of it all….). This is my first time really doing kick boxing. To me it feels super dorky too because this Charlene gal is waaayyyy to excited about her job, and makes me laugh the whole time while she’s singing along with the music and gyrating her hips and whatnot…  but she looks damn good so who am I to judge!? Maybe this will be the answer to my lower belly pooch that I’ve had since grade school… It’s so much harder to tone up and get lean when you’re crunched on time, money, space, and motivation… haha! Some nights after all I do during the day, I’d rather lay my ass on the couch and eat cookies! I have no shame! But…. I feel good when I work out, and according to Tony, my butt has lifted, and looks cuter, so holler to that! I’d also love there to be a wee gap between my thighs when my ankles meet. Ok. TMI.

So maybe if I do her videos a few times a week I can get there. I like Cassey Ho, and Jillian Michaels, and fitness blender too. I really want to try insanity some day, but…. I’m not sure I want to feel like I am going to die… yet.

The purpose of this post was really just for me to talk about how I feel about turbo-jam. We’re going to try all the videos, and try to get better at them. Taking a break from Jillian Michaels because her fat-blast metabolism boosting video makes me hate my life haha!! until next time….

eat clean-train mean

10-minute CrossFit style total body video!



This is (for us) either a warm up or a workout-end, pre-cool down video. In other words, if you’re good, you can do this once plus another 10 minute video! It’s hard, and gets you breathless (it’s got BURPEES! My favorite/most hated!!). It’s a huge metabolism booster, and it’s fun (Ok, I might be lying about that)! Plus the hot chicks in the video are so inspirational with their sensational bods! holla! Today we started with the Victoria’s secret 10-minute video, then this one, and an 8 minute Cassey Ho cardio-kickboxing video. WOW! SO TIRED NOW! In a good way. Then I ate like a hog. :p

Now get off your ass!


eat clean, train mean!

Pancakes and cardio kickboxing

Double post!

This morning I made some DELICIOUS banana-almond pancakes (vegan of course) and after a nice day in the park, Tony and I did a pretty decent cardio kick boxing routine during Corinne’s nap time!

Here are the details!

Banana-almond pancakes-


  1. 1 cup organic all-pupose unbleached flour (if you have buckwheat flour, that makes bangin’ good pancakes so use that! I had about 1/2 cup left, so I combined the two in this recipe and it was delish.)
  2. 1 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk (keep on hand to add more if needed)
  3. 1bsp +1tsp canola oil (coconut would do as well, or any other oil you prefer)
  4. 1tsbp +1tsp honey (or any liquid sweetener)
  5. 1 mashed overripe banana
  6. 1 tsp almond extra (don’t use imitation! That stuff is garbage!)
  7. 1tsp baking powder

Combine all ingredients and whisk until smooth. Ok, so the banana chunks made evade your whisking skills, but you don’t want flour chunks. Plus whisking is a good arm workout. So don’t use that mixer! I know you want to, lazy! I suggest  sifting your flour before mixing to avoid clumpies, it gets the lumps out! Add more soy milk if you like a thinner batter. Heat griddle to med-high, and cook with vegan butter for an extra crispy feel!

These were delicious. I had three. This recipe makes about 4-5 or 6 decent sized pancakes. Serve hot with extra butter on top and syrup. Don’t share them. with anyone.


These aren’t “healthy” per se….. (straight carbs basically…) but they’re not full of garbage either, so treat your damn self! Serve with fruit, or morning star sausage links (like we did), or both. YUM TASTIC!

After breakfast, you might feel the urge to nap. Or workout.

So here is the video we did after our jaunt in the park! it was fun, and burned my toosh and legs. It wasn’t TOO hard though, so if you’re in super-good shape (like us…. haha!) and you’re looking for a killer burn, this may not be enough for you, so combine with a Cassey Ho video and you’re golden.

Eat clean, and train mean. Saturdays are for pancakes!!!

Vegan Sammiches, and Jillian Michaels!

Sometimes I want a vegan meal with minimal ‘cooking’ required and/or simple assembly.

Enter today’s vegan sammich. (Yes I know it’s SANDWICH, but I like to say it this way. so ha!)


  1. some sort of bun/bread/roll,wrap/whatever
  2. avocado, (approx 1/4 of a full avocado)
  3. veganaise (homemade or store bought. Mine is from the store. It’s GOOOD….)
  4. dijon mustard
  5. alfalfa sprouts
  6. vegan cheese slice (I used GO veggie pepper jack for this one, and wow. wow! so good)
  7. veggie burger*

*I found some decent ones at my local A&P, (which is usually a total rip off if you ask me! No good sales, poor produce quality and variety, plus minimal vegan/organic options for food.) “california 11 veggie” style burgers by “Greenway”, their organic store brand. The box is 4/$3.59 which is OK…. good thing they taste awesome! Plus the are USDA organic, and vegan, which is what I was looking for. I encourage you to try new recipes and make your own, which is fun, but also healthier. These burgers sometimes contain fillers, and preservatives, so get comfortable with label reading.

I like to toast my bread, it gives it a nice crunch. I happend to have a bakery roll with poppy seeds on them which was super yummy. I bought them from the “yesterday’s baked goods” section of the bakery. I got 6 rolls for $1.50. HOLLA! They taste great, and nothing, I mean NOTHING is wrong with them. They look perfect. Also, I refrigerate all my bread products after I buy them. I buy usually 2-3 loafs at a time, freeze two, and put the other in the fridge. Let me tell you, my bread NEVER ever EVER gets moldy or stale! it’s awesome!

anyways. Tangent.

So I toast the bread. Sometimes I even pop my veggie burger into the toaster. It’s easier than cooking it on the stove! but also crisper than the microwave. Slather some veganaise, dijon mustard, and a few slices of avocado on top of a heaping pile of the alfalfa sprouts and your veggie burger, with your vegan peper jack or (whatever flavor of cheese) and BAM! protein packed, fiberlicious, tasty sammich! Enjoy this guilt free sandwich.

And as always feel free to add to this! If I liked tomatoes, I bet they would be a nice addition. Or some sliced red/white onion! gah! I didn’t have that either. This was still a great sammich.

I had mine with a side of edamame. Protein power! Find these beauties in the frozen food section! A few short minutes in the microwave, and some freshly cracked sea salt? Hello, pretties!


sometimes you just need your ass kicked. Non-stop. Jillian Michaels will do that to you. Now keep in mind, this workout below is HARD. It’s hard for me and my hubby, who are really active and healthy. But, it’s even harder when you push yourself and power through the moves! Circuit training is the BEST way to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and tone muscle. Using your bodyweight is great too. This workout requires no equipment, except maybe a yoga mat if you’d like. Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!

eat clean, train mean. Live long, and eat green… things. :p