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Sundays are for living!

“Get out there and be somebody!” 🙂 LOL if you know where that comes from!

SO! If you have a wee one, and you’re in my area, (Fairfield county) I totally suggest if not demand that you get a membership to the “Stepping Stones” museum in Norwalk, CT. It’s awesome! We got our membership there today, and Corinne LOVED it. We’ll be going there, A LOT!

Check it out!

Ok, so when the baby was conked out for the afternoon after filling her brain with science and colors, I cooked. This is what I do every sunday, and what I LOVE! Nothing makes me happier than making good food, on a budget, that my family loves.


BBQ Chik’n (tofu) Pizza with a flax-oat crust

Garliky Kale, and Broccoli

Orange-Banana quinoa Breakfast porridge



BBQ Chik’n pizza

*Please use the crust from the “friday is for pizza” post! The only thing I did differently in this one was added extra flax, and used half oat flour, half regular flour. Still turned out super yummy!*


  1. Green peppers, diced (1 pepper)
  2. baby bella mushrooms sliced (1/2 package, or more if you like them!)
  3. red onion sliced (1/2 big one, or one small one)
  4. 1 small jalapeno diced (no seeds. my family can’t take the heat, haha!
  5. extra firm tofu, 1 package
  6. GO veggie Mozz shreds, 1 bag
  7. a LOT of chopped fresh cilantro
  8. BBQ sauce, undetermined amount. We use… quite a bit. haha!

The tofu, I drained, and diced. Then I ‘marinated’ it in the BBQ sauce for about 10 mins while I cooked the peppers and mushrooms. I didn’t have a red onion or jalapeno sadly, but I’ve made it with them before and it’s to DIE for. The BBQ sauce I had on hand wasn’t the best value, but it was ‘tangy’ and spicy. (didn’t want to run to the store after being out all morning!)

**Embarrassingly I have to admit the BBQ sauce had… dun dun dun…. high fructose corn syrup. YUCK! but damn it was good!**

anywhoo- normally I cook the onions, mushrooms, and peppers in a pan with a wee bit EVOO until they are softish, and then put them on the pizza, and so I did this evening, sans onions. You could throw them on raw if you like the crunch. The flavor is also a bit different. Both are good! (The jalapenos should always be raw.) The marinated tofu I broiled for about 5-8 minutes before putting on the pizza because I like it a little more cooked. After that, make your pizza! So slather a thin layer of BBQ sauce on your rolled out dough, add your toppings, cover with Mozz shreds, and pop into your 400 degree oven for about 18-19 minutes! (again, most of this is the same as the pizza post from friday.)

It was SO. GOOD. My dough was enough to make one med, and one med+ pizza. Not bad! Probably about $5 to make.

The quinoa porridge! Recipe STOLEN 🙂 Here is the link. I really like it! The baby will have it for breakfast tomorrow, and I’m sure she’ll love it too. I hope my hubby doesn’t eat it all 😉

BTW, the recipes on this blog are doggone good!

As for the garliky kale and broccoli, I just wash/rinse/drain and cook them with EVOO, salt, pepper, and a mega ton of garlic! So easy, and delicious!


These are the videos we did tonight, one right after the other! They were hard, and annoying, and we were tired, but it’s better than being lazy and unhealthy.

#1 “victoria’s secret model” ~10 minutes <— this is our ‘warm up video’ pretty easy, get the blood flowing, etc. good for the legs!

#2: XHit daily “delta force training”~10 mins video <— my triceps DIED! They were sore from my boot camp yesterday. But this had some great ab stuff in it, and planks which I hate/love. total body burn, here!

#3: Cassey Ho, “Food baby” workout. DIE. ~10 minutes <—- SO hard after the first two! You’re so out of breath and sweaty, and she makes you do the craziest stuff. If you can make it through all three without stopping (besides to change the video, which you can do while moving some sort of body part!) then you’re awesome! and you’re FIT!

so get on it! Make some pizza, eat, rest, and then work off the food baby!

Eat clean, train mean, live long, and green.